Eileen Gauthier’s yoga practice comes from both a traditional and an experimental background. On the traditional side, she has been practising Mysore-style Ashtanga daily for many years and completed the Advanced A (or 3rd) series with certified teachers Hamish Hendry and John Scott in 2005.  She has since been studying in Mysore and learning Advanced B (4th) series from certified teacher Rolf Naujokat in Goa. 

In parallel and on the experimental side, she has studied with the Tripsichore Yoga Dance Theatre company from 1999 and has toured and performed internationally as a member of the company from 2002. She is one of the yogis featured in the Tripsichore Yoga DVD released by PranaMaya in 2006. The Tripsichore practice consists of asana sequences with a strong emphasis on hand balances, handstands and handstand variations.

Eileen was the founder/director of Sukha Yoga Studio in London (2002 – 2006 before leaving the UK to further her own yoga studies in India. She currently runs the Mysore Self-Practice at Triyoga Primrose Hill and teaches international retreats/workshops.



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